Dr. Marci Bowers: Gender Affirming Surgeon, Advocate for Transgender Surgical Education, and Pioneer in Gender Reassignment Surgery

(With Guest Host: Ayla Gerk)






“Gender Affirming Surgery, Female Genital Mutilation/Cutting, and Advocacy for LGBTQIA+ Health”

Dr. Bowers is a pelvic and gynaecological surgeon with more than 32 years of experience and is a pioneer in the field of Gender Affirming Surgery. She is the first surgeon with a transgender history and the first woman to perform Gender Affirming Genital surgeries worldwide. She has now performed almost 4,000 Gender Affirming Surgeries. She has also been a strong advocate for initiating transgender surgical education programs at many institutions. Dr. Bowers is the World Professional Association for Transgender Health President-Elect.


Ayla Gerk is a medical doctor in Argentina and a research Coordinator in an NGO focused on the treatment and care of rare diseases. She is part of InciSioN Brazil’s  communication and social media committee and the Advocacy Vice Lead for the Gender Equality Initiative in Global Surgery.