Lean methodology is a core principle that focuses on minimizing waste in order to maximize value. In other words, when an organization is lean, they have created the most value possible for both the producer which can then be passed onto the consumer. In order to do this, there needs to be a shift from optimizing individual processes to optimizing entire process streams that transverse multiple products and services. This eliminates waste in a wide range of areas rather than a single isolated point. This concept is widely known in business and management, but can be limited or absent in certain healthcare settings.


As a general surgery-trained consultant with KPMG and Lifebox Foundation, our guest today has been instrumental to applying this principle in research. With the advent of the internet and growing global connectivity, the ability to collaborate on a broad range of issues and reduce redundancies have expanded dramatically. Research abilities are no exception.


As one of the founders of the SuRG Foundation, he has changed the face of medical research through harnessing the power of teamwork and is now helping to ensure equitable research partnerships across HIC and LMIC leaders. Join us in this exciting episode with healthcare leader Dr Ed Fitzgerald as we discuss lean methodology, disrupting healthcare research with collaboratives, funding, and the golden thread of change.

Dr Edward Fitzgerald: Clinical Lead for Care System Redesign in KPMG’s Healthcare practice, LifeBox Foundation Clinical Advisor





“Lean Methodology, Reducing Waste, Equitable Research Partnerships, and Golden Thread of Change”

Dr Ed Fitzgerald is the Clinical Lead for Care System Redesign in KPMG’s Healthcare Advisory practice. He qualified in medicine from Magdalen College, University of Oxford, and has over 20 years’ experience of clinical practice and management across the NHS and international health systems. Ed also acts as a Clinical Advisor to the Lifebox Foundation, a global health NGO, where he previously worked with Atul Gawande and team to improve patient safety across low-resource countries, giving practical experience in emerging economies.


His academic work pioneered global crowd-sourced collaborative health research as a co-founder the GlobalSurg and STARSurg networks. He has received several awards for his innovative work, including the Royal Society of Medicine’s Tanner Medal, and the Royal College of Surgeons’​ Margaret Witt Scholarship. Ed has held a number of leadership roles and is a Past President of the International Association of Surgeons in Training (ASiT) charity.


Outside of work, Ed founded Bacchus – Oxford University Wine Society and remains a founding member with a keen interest in wine tasting, writing and travel. He has passed his WSET exams with distinction.