About Global Scalpels


Founded in 2020 by Taylor Ottesen and Riana Patel during the COVID-19 pandemic, we aim to bring together a number of interesting speakers to show the work behind the scenes and to highlight the people creating some of the most innovative projects in sectors such as tech, legal, advocacy, and research.


The podcast is targeted towards anyone interested in the field of global surgery – surgeons, technology wizards,  businesspeople, and researchers alike. We hope to highlight that global surgery is a team effort and that engagement with all professionals, such as designers, entrepreneurs, advocacy gurus, and clinicians, is essential to provide the 143 million additional surgical procedures required annually.


Dedicated to the 5 billion who currently lack access to safe and affordable surgery, join us monthly on the 5th of each month to explore the many aspects of this field and be inspired by some of the incredible heroes fighting daily for this important cause.