Diversity is the key to innovation and new solutions. Global surgery is a field that needs people from any and all backgrounds to tackle this issue. So how did a PhD researcher in immunology at Yale become a major force for good in global surgery? What does role does value-based healthcare have when working in low-resource settings where healthcare isn’t even present let alone “value-based” and how do social determinants of health affect access to surgery around the world? The answers to these questions and more are found in today’s episode. Join us as we talk about air conditioners as a social determinant of health – something you may have never considered before. We also look at the power of adapting solutions to local situations to create lasting and meaningful change no matter where you are. Come explore outside the operating room and into the other aspects of global surgery that play an important role in preventing people from needing a scalpel at all.

Dr Anant Jani: Honorary Research Fellow at Oxford and Yale PhD Graduate







We are really excited for this episode with our guest being an honorary research fellow in the Value-Based Healthcare Programme at the University of Oxford. He has firsthand experience working with different healthcare systems in both Europe and the Middle East to help healthcare systems focus on value-based healthcare. He is passionate about understanding how we can improve population health through social prescriptions and by addressing social determinants of health. Given the negative impact of severe heat on morbidity and mortality, he sees access to cooling (both passive and active) as a social determinant of health and cooling as a potential healthcare intervention.


Prior to his position at the University of Oxford, Anant worked in Europe and the Middle East to help healthcare systems within these countries to focus more on value-based healthcare. Anant has a PhD in immunology from Yale University. Join us as we talk about some system-level challenges facing healthcare today.